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I'm fine with that, in fact, I think that anyone who gets a welfare check should be required to do 3 things. They should be required to work 20-30 hours a week, even if it's just picking up trash or scrubbing graffiti. In fact, this shouldn't be a gift, they should all earn it or not get it at all. Second, they should be required to get an education, either a GED or a community college degree, or attend a job training program. Third, they should be required to get routine drug screenings and they cannot have any more children while on welfare. Free birth control will be provided while on the program. The program should only last 2-3 years maximum and after getting out, you cannot apply again for 5 years. The reason these people are in poverty in the first place is they have no education, they have no work experience or work ethic and they're on drugs and/or breeding like whores. Take away all of those excuses, make them very aware that they have 2-3 years max to get their crap together or they'll literally be living in the gutter and mean it, and I think you'll get most of them, and keep in mind I'm only talking about the able-bodied, able-minded ones, not the disabled who should be in another program entirely, getting off their asses and working of necessity. The ones who won't, let them die.
Natural selection. We undermined mother nature. Let's let her do her work again.