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Okay, tell us all what you think I'm making up.
LMAO who the hell is "US"

id say its "US" that is laughing at YOU being exposed.

just about every post is made up garbage or HUGELY exaggerated nonsense that people arent even talking about.

most of us are rationally talking about a qualified muslim, you make some illogical, irrational leap to super terrorist Islamic jihadist LMAO.

and in the last post where you specifically just flat out lied and mades stuff up was these two sentences:

"So why do you defend such intolerance in a religion and a group of people?"

"You wouldn't defend ther types of violence and hatered and bigotry, so why do you defend Islamists and Islam?"

i never did anything close to this BS lmao, you look silly with every most you make.

Its like I said hey I like the lakers and you say back to me oh my good I cant believe you support rapists, its total nonsense