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Thread: Should Harry Reid Resign?

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    Re: Should Harry Reid Resign?

    Quote Originally Posted by iliveonramen View Post
    Well since Ayers is pretty big in the Chicago area sure. It was set up by Obama's campaign office to meet people that would be important to getting him support from the liberal base.
    Since it seems you have inside knowledge of how this launch of his political career took place, did Obama socialize with Ayers or did he spend the whole evening away from him?

    Meeting somebody is saying hello then going your own way, not spending the evening at their house and then serving on a board of a company, or whatever it was, with the man.

    I don't think you can say they were not friends.

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    Re: Should Harry Reid Resign?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mason66 View Post
    I understand this topic completely.
    Doesn't appear so. Especially after that last post. You seem highly unaware of the concept of tax exempt income.

    The only way Romneys taxes are any of your business is if he did something illegal.
    So you don't think it's important for Americans to know what their Presidential candidates are invested in? Perhaps conflict of interest?

    Furthermore, his refusal to release 2009 does suggest something went down.

    If he took write offs to bring his rate to 0 then good for him. He is not the only one that does it.
    Did I say anything bad about that? Carrying forward a capital loss is hardly cause for any concern. Hiding that you did the UBS voluntary disclosure for illegal foreign tax shelters is another story entirely.

    Do you take the write offs you are entitled to? If so then youhave nothing to say about anybody elses taxes.
    You clearly do not understand this topic.
    "If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him." - Sun Tzu

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