View Poll Results: Why did Obama call the Reps. "the Party of NO"??

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  • Because he was right, they are the Party of No and I'll explain

    11 40.74%
  • because Reps. weren't gonna give Obama a blank check

    6 22.22%
  • because Reps. should've allowd Barack spend as much as needed

    0 0%
  • Barack was playing politics and people bought it.

    10 37.04%
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Thread: Why did Obama call the Reps. "the Party of NO"?

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    Re: Why did Obama call the Reps. "the Party of NO"?

    Quote Originally Posted by 4Horsemen View Post
    ..When he got over 90% of what he asked for from the Republicans AND Congress?
    What's this 90% number you've pulled from your ass?

    He calls them the party of no -- correctly -- because the bulk of Republicans will stall or destroy anything and everything he supports, simply because he supports it. They'll even do it to things they proposed and supported in the past. They'll even do it if Obama wants to shrink government. They say no any time he says yes, simply because he said yes.

    They have said publicly that their number one priority is to make Obama a one-term president. They don't care about anything else, and they have explicitly stated as much. So all they care about is trying to make him seem ineffective. They don't care about policy, or what's right for the country.

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    Re: Why did Obama call the Reps. "the Party of NO"?

    There is nothing wrong with being the party of NO when all you get is crap to work with.

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