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Thread: Are we better off than the prehistoric man?

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    Re: Are we better off than the prehistoric man?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wake View Post

    It's scary to be killed by explosions and accidents... It's horrific and messy... but they're also rather quick.

    My thoughts are that the modern era is far better than the prehistoric times because our quality of life is so much more enjoyable. We... we can drive cars, have access to medicine, and toilets...

    When it comes to prehistoria, there's an extreme level of fear, especially from the pov of one in this day looking back at the past. Today, if you cut yourself on a rusty piece of metal or get an infection, you can, hopefully, have access to medicine. Back then, if you had an infection, more often than not it would fester and spread, until you're wrapped up in the nightmare of massive, fatal infection. That's incredibly scary. It can still be a reality for some today, but it is FAR less likely than in the past. If you cut a finger of back then, the risk of infection is overwhelming.

    Being wrapped in fur or whatever else, living in caves or nomadic huts, having to bust your ass to find food and stay alive... it's a lot tougher. It may be simpler without the complexities of technology, but life was so much scarier back then. Back then if it wasn't the elements, disease, and lack of food.... it was raiders and enemy tribes. And then to top it off there were barbaric laws, if any laws at all.
    No question, life is a lot easier more certain, and less painful than it was in the hunter gatherer days.

    But, death by sabertooth tiger had to have been rather quick, too.
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    Re: Are we better off than the prehistoric man?

    Quote Originally Posted by ab9924 View Post
    This may be a no-brainer, but really. We work more hours than the prehistoric man hunted. We work in artificial environments that stretches our social/family ties, the prehistoric man did all his activities with the involvement of his social/family environment. The prehistoric man was "separated" from the animal kingdom by inventing that the weakest member of his horde was worth enough to support, we eagerly write off everybody who is not competitive enough.

    And what do we gain for these sacrifices? We can drive more expensive cars to take an even remoter job. We can buy more expensive houses that we hardly have any time to spend in. We can get hefty investment account balances that evaporate in one swoop at any stock market/credit dip/crash or at any structural unemployment experience. What is the difference between slavery and controlling the prices of all trades by cornering the markets? They teach in school that slavery was the step-ahead that advanced civilization out of the prehistoric age. But was it really a progression or a regression? Is our world today a progression?
    Of course we are better off than they were. We live longer. We have more leisure time. We know more. We don't have to worry about being eaten by a lion. I can go to the store or restaurant for food instead of having to go on a dangerous hunt. Etc. We are FAR better off than they were. Far...
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