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Thread: More prejudice against minorities starting a business than whites?

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    Re: More prejudice against minorities starting a business than whites?

    Quote Originally Posted by VanceMack View Post
    So they are discriminated against by where they choose to start their business? Please do expound...
    Well if a woodchuck could chuck wood, where would he chuck it? We know with the prevalence of law suits in this country, and adding in the woodchuck, beaver divide (no pun intended. OK. It was intended) by looking at the data we can positively show if a woodchuck did indeed chuck wood in close proximity to a beaver, damages would be the least of our worries. They would be victims of discrimination by said beaver. This would also be true for the under represented groundhog group, and possibly even rodentia in general. When wood hits the beaver, we all know what can happen. This is a truly frightening prospect, especially among gay beavers.

    So in Conclusion: It is very important to take into account not only the make up of the neighborhood be it beavers, woodchucks or even groundhogs. The results can and will be disastrous if ignored.
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    Benjii likes the protests...he'd be largely irrelevant without them. So he needs to speak where he knows there will be protests against him and that makes him responsible for the protests.
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    You can successfully wipe your ass with toilet paper, that doesn't mean that you should.

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    Re: More prejudice against minorities starting a business than whites?

    It may be just an impression but attitudes when expressed seem to be more leery of black minority owners than other minorities. Perhaps it is because black minority business owners are not as prevalent. Or perhaps there are fewer black business persons because of the greater prejudice. Or perhaps I am all wet. I am just interested in what others think based on experience or observation.

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