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That is just a lot of garbage. No one is freeloading of anyone that has an education. He gets the education to better himself and he then goes out and gets a job to better himself doing the job he went to school for. The individuals that hire him are bringing him in to assist in their business and together they are better off because of this arrangement. Can the arrangement be better? Sure, I guess, but again, no one is freeloading off another here.

Perhaps some people are ungrateful for the people that work for them, and perhaps that is a problem of sorts, but that is not required here. He can in return not be grateful for the opportunities that were given to him and like the business owner he is not required to be grateful.
Investor Supremacy (capitalism) does not create opportunities; it takes advantage of the opportunities created by the self-financed development of talent. The investors use mind control to get away with their claim to creation. Some of the future employees with talent believe this propaganda and engage in self-destructive sacrifice in order to become worthy of acceptance by their Masters. These Golden Serfs bail out the system from time to time, but it continues to sink because of its top-heavy superstructure. But those at the top of the mast always declare clear sailing ahead.