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Thread: Immigration / Out-Sourcing Double-Standard?

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    Re: Immigration / Out-Sourcing Double-Standard?

    We are part of a global economy. Our borders are gone.
    Quote Originally Posted by Northern Light View Post
    The systems that ensure freedom and liberty are breaking down and fundamentalism is growing. Nobody is righteous anymore.

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    Re: Immigration / Out-Sourcing Double-Standard?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    I completely agree with this. It's not realistic to expect companies not to outsource jobs if they can get the same product at a cheaper price elsewhere.
    And, of course, our corporations, which by nature are sociopathic and indeed test out as sociopathic entities, should be allowed to set all the parameters no matter how they affect their creators: American citizens .

    It is realistic to expect that companies that are not allowed to buy off-shore from wage-slaves will buy domestically from Americans making an American living wage.

    You simply have to treat corporations as the neanderthal dog-eaters that they are, utilizing their brute strength our corporations have for our benefit, for humanity's benefit, for the benefit of us: American citizens.

    But you never ever let the sociopathic anaimal call the shots, not unless you want a ton of suffering turned on its creator.

    Corporations, by nature, have no ethics or morals -- they aren't human.

    We have to control their behavior to simulate ethics and morals, our ethics and morals, and, if we don't .. well, it's obvious the damage that has occurred ever since.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    If we could somehow prevent outsourcing, it wouldn't bring jobs would just reduce the size of the economy and the jobs wouldn't exist at all.
    Absolutely false.

    If outsourcing was stopped, the sociopaths at the top would either leave and less sociopathic Americans would take over running the company, complete with less greed and resultant affordable prices, just as was the case in previous decades before all the sociopathic out-sourcing, or the sociopaths at the top would close the corporate doors, and the corporation would be sold to those with less greed, again with the same result.

    A necessary product in demand would continue to be made, here in America, employing American workers at American non-wage-slave wages, and sold at a price that was affordable to Americans in the American economy.

    It's all about economies of scale, and if the scale is tariffically (among other methods) kept realistic within the boundaries of the U.S., everyone will get along just fine economically within our boundaries.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    Generally speaking, many of those jobs simply wouldn't exist at all if not for illegal immigrants.
    Again, false, especially with regard to the word "many".

    The truth is that most of the illegal immigrant workers are carpenters, other construction, food industry, warehousing, manufacturing, crop workers, etc. -- all jobs previously held by American citizens and legal immigrants.

    Even domestics were legal employees prior to the illegals' invasion.

    Some jobs that didn't exist before illegals because the entrepreneurial effort determined it wasn't feasible to rake in the obscene level of profit without hiring wage-slaves are corporate efforts that should thus never have been started.

    Either take less sociopathically obscene profits and take pride in providing a needed product or complain to the government to reduce regulations.

    But don't bring in wage-slaves far, far below minimum wage to do the kind of pay-scale work Americans should be making at American scale wages.

    Obviously these are businesses that should simply not exist.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    It's not like they're taking something away from Americans.
    BS -- pure MCI liberal BS!

    The scenario of the carpenter replaced by three illegals and now works part-time barely surving at Home Depot is infamous. The great majority of the situations are similar.

    If the illegals were gone and out-sourcing was ended, unemployment would end.

    This is the majority situation, whether the wage-slave is brought in through illegals or is hosted in the wage-slaves' country via out-sourcing proper.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    It's the same issue as with outsourcing: If businesses can get the same product at a cheaper price from some other worker, they're probably going to do it, and it's unrealistic to expect otherwise.
    Repeating your mantra in genuflecting to the sociopathic corporation in no way makes it an ethical and moral activity.

    We create our corporations to serve us, not vice versa, and under our ethical and moral guidance they do.

    Without that ethical and moral guidance, corporations are mere animalistic neantherthals, focused only on the bottom line of profiting the most on everything they can get their hands on, lacking in "cerebral cortex" and lacking "inhibitions" that allow civilized interactions.

    We Americans, through the governing process, must be the new higher brain and necessary inhibitions for our corporations and we must see to it that our corporations so behave ethically and morally with respect to our fellow citizens for whom they are supposed to be of service.

    Your worshiping of the neanderthal corporate animal, kow-towing to it as if it was your God, hoping to eat the crumbs from its leftovers .. is disgusting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    But then, I don't see either outsourcing or immigration as a problem.
    Are you a non-American? Are you here in America illegally? Are you a corporate manager raking in obscene profits? Are you psychologically dependent on the corporate crumbs?

    Non-Americans, corporate managers enslaved to the sociopathic raw corporate mindset, and those feeding at the higher corporate trough .. yeah, they don't see outsourcing or illegal or unjustified immigration as a problem.

    Neither do politicos pandering for liberal votes, such as those who purposely leave off the word "illegal" from in front of "immigration".

    It's pretty obvious.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    They both make the economy run much more efficiently,
    False BS!

    Both out-sourcing and illegal immigration contribute to a true un- and under- employment rate of around 15%!

    And the out-sourcing of mainly sub-primers' jobs in the early and middle of the first decade of this century caused the wave of mortgage defaults that unscrupulous securities creators knowingly fashioned into "sub-prime securities", purposely bilking unsuspecting buyers .. until the worthlessness of those securities was revealed in August 2008, subsequently causing the corporate credit crunch in September 2008, etc. .. and The Great Recession was on.

    Did that "make the economy run much more efficiently"?

    Was that "good" for Americans?

    Your non-factual BS is obvious!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    and they greatly improve the overall quality of living, both in the US.
    Whatever you're smoking, Kandahar, the fantasy it creates for you is simply not reality.

    45 million Americans are now on food stamps, according to an April 2012 report published in a thread I read here at DP.

    Over 40% of Americans are still greatly suffering in the after-effects of The Great Recession, according to an accurate assessment of the BLS un- and under- employment reports that the fed produces each month.

    Far fewer Americans were on food stamps prior to all the illegals and out-sourcing.

    Far fewer Americnas were un- and under- employed prior to all the illegals and out-sourcing.

    Yet you call 45 million Americans barely getting by on food stamps and over 40% of Americans greatly suffering to be "a great improvement in the overall quality of living" for Americans.

    Pure drugged fantasy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    and abroad.
    Spoken like a true MCI (Multi-Cultural Internationalist)!

    You must be a liberal, for sure.

    Only a liberal MCI would think so little about their fellow Americans that they would advocate stealing their jobs from them so that, rather than courageously and responsibly deal with their over-population problems, third-world countries can instead have some wage-slaves to over-tax.

    Charity, Kandahar, is a voluntary activity. How many Americans whose jobs were out-sourced or stolen by illegals were given the voluntary option about it? Hmmm?


    It is not our job to save the world from it's own self-destructive social and geopolitical behaviors, especially at the cost of importing those countries' third-world abject poverty to America!

    It is our job to help them, via advice and support, to emulate the kind of successful population-demographic management and higher standard of living we've worked in this country to achieve, not to codependently rescuing others in other stupid countries from their own self-destructive behavior at the impoverishing expense of our own people.

    It is estimated that by 2050, at the current population change rates predicted through that year, that the world's population will most likely increase between 2010 and 2050 by the combined 2010 populations of both India and China!

    How impoverished do you think America's workers will have to be by then to support that unsupportable excess through your pet illegals and off-shoring?!

    Better is to employ some "tough love" and simply say "NO!" to out-sourcing and illegals.

    Only when those third-world wage-slave countries see that we won't keep codependently bailing them out at our miserable sacrifice will they ever have a chance to hit bottom and begin making the changes in population-demographic management they need to make.

    It's not our job to rescue "and abroad" if it means adding millions of our people, which includes our children!, to the food-stamp lines.

    Enough is enough!
    You don't trust Trump? Well, there's only one way to leverage him to do what's economically right for us all: Powerful American Political Alliance. Got courage?! .. and a mere $5.00?

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