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Thread: Should Silent Politicians Be Sued for Perjury?

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    Re: Should Silent Politicians Be Sued for Perjury?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Tammerlain View Post
    The government is also a dynamic organization that is not fixed but changes over time. It changes to the will of those that have the power to change it
    Yes, but it doesn't start that way.

    Government starts by forcing people to participate, and there's no guarantee that people will understand the right way to do so.

    For example, we graduate children into adulthood before educating them about 100% of legislation. Heck, they shouldn't even attend public school where they have to socialize with others until they understand the rules of engagement. Otherwise, they're vulnerable to bullying.

    In fact, you could say that school encourages bullying because it expects openminded performance, but then kids are allowed to make fun of others for being tools.

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    Re: Should Silent Politicians Be Sued for Perjury?

    Quote Originally Posted by Daktoria View Post
    Since the government is an artificial institution that affirms itself upon the citizenry, it should have to justify 100% of it actions and programs.

    Otherwise, it's being anti-social. Therefore, is a lack of explanation an obstruction of justice?
    There isn't a law that requires 100% justification from politicians, but there is a mechanism that encourages such justification. It's called "the vote".

    We don't need any new laws for this...we only need a voting public that cares.
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    Re: Should Silent Politicians Be Sued for Perjury?

    Quote Originally Posted by StillBallin75 View Post
    This should have been a poll option.
    If, when defending your support for Donald Trump, and your response is,
    "But but but... HILLARY!!!", then you lost the argument before you even began.

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