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Thread: Is it Hypocritical to be Intolerant of Intolerance?

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    Re: Is it Hypocritical to be Intolerant of Intolerance?

    Speaking out of intolerant acts is not hypocritical in my opinion, because in the end game they are fighting for tolerance.

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    Re: Is it Hypocritical to be Intolerant of Intolerance?

    Sure it can be. That's why it's largely only useful in a larger context, to describe imprecise things.

    If you write down examples of tolerance and intolerance, you'll find that the most common (and correct) ethical times to "tolerate", revolve around individual freedom (surprise, surprise) and selfishness. The two cornerstones of reasoned surprise there, we already discovered the wheel.

    We tolerate in public because it maximzies our benefits in most cases.
    We are intolerant of things that serve to reduce our freedoms or the freedoms of others. A religion that is intolerant of pink at their services, we don't go crazy about, but if they are intolerant of women working, we think its outrageous (womens individual freedom was the issue).

    In every case, people exhibit both tolerance and intolerance of a variety of things. Strictly, they are all hypocrites on some things as well.
    Let's just give a small kudos to Christian teachings here, they accidentally get some things correct on occasion. They recognize we're all sinners, so the notion of running around preaching against sinners, is hypocritical and absurd.

    This is all just red herring though, there are a lot more important things to discuss such as what, is being tolerated or not tolerated.
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    Re: Is it Hypocritical to be Intolerant of Intolerance?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krhazy View Post
    I'd say the majority of people support the idea of being tolerant of activities that they may personally find immoral or distasteful, but which don't really harm others.

    Is it hypocritical when such people are intolerant of people/views that go against that principle?
    I'd say don't call yourself a "tolerant person," because you'd be a major hypocrite. Just accept that you [general] are tolerant on some issues, and intolerant on others.

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