View Poll Results: Does the government do ANYTHING right?

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Thread: Does the government do ANYTHING right?

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    Re: Does the government do ANYTHING right?

    Quote Originally Posted by lpast View Post
    The premise of govt is good...our govt does good and does bad...and most of the bad is because of the MONEY and the influence of money, through lobbiest...See our govt SUCKS because capitolism and private enterprise used our govt as their whore....they send legions of lobbiests with millions to corrupt our govt and its decisions. They coerce our govt to do THEIR bidding and what benefits THEIR private business. THEY beg our govt for billions upon billions our TAXPAYER money to run thier business...and to expand their business...LIKE big oil who gets billions and has never built a single refinery to increase capacity to stop the yearly RAPE of america in huge gas prices right at the start of the driving season.

    Its not govt that sucks its the rich and the corporations that have corrputed our govt for personal gain
    I won't disagree at all that money and lobbying does not serve us well, but by singling out capitalism you imply that other less capitalistic countries are somehow better and/or more pure, and that I reject completely.
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    Re: Does the government do ANYTHING right?

    I'll go ahead and give my take on why government, and why it isn't effective, or efficient as it could be in 5 words I've heard more and more frequently from people who get their salaries paid by tax dollars: "Good enough for government work". They'll get paid the same either way, so why should they give a ****?
    I love the NSA. It's like having a secret fan-base you will never see, but they're there, watching everything you write and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that I may be some person's only form of unconstitutional entertainment one night.

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