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  • Obviously...this is a genius ploy be the GOP

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Thread: Is this worth it?

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    Re: Is this worth it?

    Hey, the GOP putting up voting roadblocks for people who they figure to vote for democrats ain't no different than the democrats promoting ex-cons to vote.


    Allowing wedge issues on ballots, ie: gay marriage/marijuana legalization.


    Partisan bias districting.

    Vote manipulation.

    They all do it. As hideous as the practice seems, if they can legally make it happen, good conscience be damned.

    There is an old saying that two wrongs don't make a right. How can one expect one party to not engage in sleeze, PAC's, false propaganda, when they KNOW the other side is going to do it to them anyway. That would be like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

    Face it people. Our system is for ****.

    <Rant time. Not directed at any one person. Just venting.>

    By God! As long as people are willing to buy snake-oil, it is our God given right, as capitalistic American snake-oil salesmen, to sell it to them, (Ie: FOXNEWS/MSNBC/Limbaugh/Maddow/Hannity/Beck.) Maybe we should add crack cocaine to that list of snake oil as well. Since honor and integrity means absolutely nothing anymore to these partisan hacks (yeah, we know who you are), why don't they just go ahead and turn everybody's brain to mush sooner rather than later?

    He with the gold shall rule. The more gold he can get from you, the heavier your yoke will be. Remember even gold can get heavy.

    Believing that someday that will be you with all the gold, cracking the whip, is doing immeasurable damage to our nation as you slight your brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors, to keep that ideology alive with your support. But you go ahead. Keep believing that propaganda crap and keep it passing on as your life contains less and less quality, just like the rest of us as ALL of our assets keep flowing uphill right beside the very people you claim to be superior to. You are being played. Fool. Just continue to vote Republican and **** on your own people. Just keep voting democrat and keep the boys down on the farm.

    <Rant over>

    Have a nice day everybody!!
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