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Thread: Too high taxes on ammo -- 2nd Amendment violation?

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    Re: Too high taxes on ammo -- 2nd Amendment violation?

    Quote Originally Posted by HonestJoe View Post
    That wasn't really my point. I was suggesting that "Is this Constitutional?" isn't the only relevant question; "Is this right?" is also key. The problem is that if the first answer is "no" but the second answer is "yes", you have a conclusion that many Americans seem unwilling to address.
    If something is both "wrong" and Constitutional then there are methods to amend the constitution.

    I'd suggest that the right to bear arms is restricted in all sorts of perfectly practical ways in the US, all of which could be easily argued as being unconstitutional.
    And those of us who do believe those structures which restrict the 2nd Amendment and are unconstitutional should and must be stricken.

    Do the principal you're arguing on even really exist any more?
    It exists. Is your position that no one actually has any rights whatsoever?

    Would you maybe have a stronger argument if you made practical arguments against taxation on ammunition?
    No, that would be accepting a special tax on ammunition is a legitimate power of government.

    I'm just saying that the scope of this kind of debate could be a little wider.
    The purpose of the Constitution is to establish powers of the government and limit them to those established powers as well as a means to enumerate rights of citizens that are not to be enfringed upon by the government.

    The right to bear arms is a co-equal right to the others (those that are Enumerated) and indeed is the one that will protect the others.

    The OP is about constitutionality of a tax on ammo. That is the purpose of this thread.
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    Re: Too high taxes on ammo -- 2nd Amendment violation?

    Quote Originally Posted by TurtleDude View Post
    it would be good grounds to terminate the job of whomever implemented such a tax
    Or for whomever even brought it up.

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    Re: Too high taxes on ammo -- 2nd Amendment violation?

    I think the court just ruled on ObamaCare the government can do anything if it is "taxes."

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    Re: Too high taxes on ammo -- 2nd Amendment violation?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smart View Post
    You're a southerner?

    Then I'm guessing you know this issue like the back of your red hand.

    The back of my RED hand huh? Bud, what the heck does that mean?

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    Re: Too high taxes on ammo -- 2nd Amendment violation?

    Why not do this to the second amendment? We've done to the first and fourth already!

    On the surface, I don't think the constitution directly prohibits this sort of thing, even if it is specifically designed as a backdoor ban. However, the lack of any legitimate government purpose that would be furthered by such a backdoor ban would make it unconstitutional. Were such a purpose to emerge, it would fit within existing constitutional rulings. A tax like this wouldn't make us much safer, and certainly wouldn't make enough of a difference to warrant losing this right.
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