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My 2 cents.

I was on foodstamps until recently. VERY recently actually. I was a stay at home dad because the price of childcare was equal to or more than what I would get back in net pay per pay check at the jobs that I qualified for at the time. I stayed a stay at home dad for 7 years. Until my youngest could go to at least kindergarten. Now I have a job. I raised our income by a little over double what it was. When all is said and done I will actually be bringing in slightly less than what we were getting in foodstamps.

You all keep reducing the incentive to make better wages down to money. Well, I'm here to tell you that there are more reasons to want to get off welfare than simply money. You all seem to think that everyone only lives for the money. They don't. I wanted a job to achieve something. I wanted a job for that self satisfaction I get whenever I get a paycheck which I EARNED. I wanted to see the look on my wifes face when I brought that paycheck home. The proud look. And the hopeful look. The look that indicates that she thinks there are better times ahead. I want to see the look on my kid's face when I come home from work each day. The joy. Feel the big hugs that they give me. None of that is possible while on food stamps. It is with me having a job.

So yeah, go ahead and keep on reducing everyone to monetary equations. But I have to say...you're missing out if you think that is all that people are about.
To be fair, there are people on welfare who are like that. I don't think they are the majority or even a plurality, but there are those who take advantage of the welfare system.

But, going back to your point, it should be kept in mind how much what businesses do is strictly about money, and we should keep in mind how much they pay lobbyists to contribute to legislators' campaign fund to get subsidies, tax cuts, tax exemptions, tax credits, and bailouts.

We can end social welfare when we end corporate welfare.