The existence of poll threads like this -- with a transparently racist premise -- demonstrates a general policy failure within DP to counter racism.

To be clear: all four of the poll options are based upon one or more racist premises:

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(option): Yes, blacks have their own heritage.
This option implies either that "blacks" having their own heritage (singular?) is a matter of opinion (it is not), and possibly also that if that do, they have one common heritage under the umbrella of "African American" (which is false, as "black" is not synonymous with African American.

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(option): Yes, blacks can create something else.
Once again, by framing this as an opinion poll option, this falsely implies that the capacity for "black" people(s) to participate in building their own identities and communities is a matter of opinion (it isn't).

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(option): No, blacks lack heritage.
This implies that there's some kind of inherent or obvious standard for what counts as heritage (there isn't), and furthermore that "blacks" don't have it (subtly implying that "blacks" are culturally inferior/less-than due to this imagined difference -- a "lack").

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(option): No, black identity politics depend on government.
This implies that "black" identity could not stand on its own were it not for government intervention or support.

Note that all four of these poll options require what is essentially a bigoted premise: the general notion that heritage, identity politics, and the formation of social and political communities work differently (and implicitly in an inferior way) for "blacks" than for the rest of humanity.

Thus, the poll question, as framed, is a variation of "When did you stop beating your wife?" ANY of the options given, if chosen, requires giving at least the appearance of endorsing one or more racist premises built into the question.