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Mostly we did. Our stagnation wasn't spurred by natural forces, humanity's impulse is to push forward. But it was artificially stifled through overbearing theocracy.
I wouldn't say theocracy was a cause as much as it was a "symptom." The dark ages primarily came about due to the fall of Rome. True, most everybody was sick of Romans and wanted them gone, but Rome fell more because of it's own failings rather than anyone else's efforts, including the "barbarians." Without Rome around to "force" technology on everybody, Europe regressed to a more primitive state. Add the Bubonic plague into the mix and things are going to get really bad. I don't think Humanity collectively said, "Let's just go back to the good ol' days when everything sucked." Empires rise, and Empires fall. That's just the way of it. It's not really a "choice" made by everyone together.