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Thread: Could taxation kill our Bill of Rights?

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    Re: Could taxation kill our Bill of Rights?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lakryte View Post
    . . .The courts have ruled that the taxation powers of Congress supercede individual liberty.
    This is why the nation is doomed. This wound is mortal. The only question is how long the wounded nation will take to die. Whatever comes next will not be the United States of America.

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    Re: Could taxation kill our Bill of Rights?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paschendale View Post
    Keep in mind that this could all have been avoided of conservatives hadn't done everything in their power to kill single payer and the public option. If this decision does all of the things you're afraid it does (though it doesn't), you have no one but yourselves to blame.
    Are you willing to wage a fight to the death over everything? Your opponents are. They honestly believe they have no other alternative because they don't think your side acts in good faith. I assume folks who are left of center realize this means the end of the established order in this country.

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