As long as there are free elections, our particular form of government will have a chance of remaining free.
All private money should be the f*** out of elections. The "Citizens United" ruling is a very unfunny joke. We are sliding down a slippery slope towards a n actual (not behind the scenes) marriage between Business Intrests & Government. But while Fascism was Government controling Business what we are approching here is the opposite, Business controling the Government.
Hitler didn't start out attacking Poland, he worked up to it.Don't get all excited, I'm not comparing anyone to Hitler, just saying that when a group is dazzeled by BS from above, those above will go further until they no longer need the suport of the little people, then your in a dictatorship.
Not so wild, as you'd like to imagine. Just sayin'.
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It doesn't matter if it "should exist" or not. It is the nature of humans to make a government. There has always been some form of government and there will always be some form of government.