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Thread: The Need for Regulation: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

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    Re: The Need for Regulation: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic


    I feel like you totally missed my point.

    1. Walmart chicken is BAD! We actually are arguing over something we both agree on!!

    2. The parents of those brain-dead and fat kids are at fault. Why the hell are they allowing their kids to watch those impressionable commercials (have they never heard of DVR?) I don't care what their kids watch, or how little control they have over those same kids. I take care of myself and my family. Period. I am not so egotistic as to assume or try to assume control for their kids. I don't care about corporations or attempting to addict kids (who, as far as I know, have to rely on their worthless parents to go get the 6000 calorie kids meal, or whatever). Why do you insist on blaming others as opposed to the one who actually buys the food? Corporations are to make money. Period. Just because they offer it, doesn't mean I have to buy into it. Do you not know that Sears Robuck catalogs actually used to sell opiate 'tonics'? People either bought it or they didn't.

    I learned common sense the same way you did, through trial and error. All people, given the chance, will learn as we did. They will either sink or swim. I refer to this idea as 'natural selection'. (By 'given the chance', I mean allowing them to be responsible for their own decisions, or lack of decisions.) I think our whole discussion comes down to government 'making' us do what is right for us (at least, until their lobbies pay them to tell us differently), and people being responsible for themselves.

    I have a question for you, Wake. How much do you believe of what you are told by the government, CDC, Dept. of Justice, etc? I mean this as a respectful and serious question.

    "Those people who squeal for individual rights don't give a damn about the obesity epidemic." I am obviously one of those people.

    Who was it that subsidized corn farming? And then started putting that crap in our gas tanks, as ethenol? Do you think the subsidizing was actually started to hurt people? I don't. I think there were intentions of tweaking our gasoline all along. Proof? Nope. Just my thinking.

    Are these 'death foods' not already taxed? People will not be enlightened and the fatties will not change by the government. We can't really judge much off European nations right now. They are starving. Except for the Germans. Had some Germans come visit and they could have skipped a few meals, if you know what I mean!

    I respect your devotion to your countrymen, and your obvious passion about life. I just wonder if there is something about this issue that is personal to you? The reward should be in the act itself (of keeping one's body healthy), I doubt very much there is any incentive strong enough, or any stick thick enough, to make people change without them wanting to.

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    Re: The Need for Regulation: Fighting the Obesity Epidemic

    If we are going to start talking about things like taxing food,why don"t start taxing other things that contribute to obesity.
    For example,how many hours have some of you here spent in front of your computer screen instead of EXERCISNG?How may hours have some of you lard butts logged playing Diablo 3 or World of Warcraft instead of jogging?Shouldn't those be taxed also,all in the name of "fighting obesity"?

    I live in an area that has a large evangelical christian population,But to look at them,you'd think that gluttony was no longer a sin.
    Why there's Mrs.Mitchel the church organist sitting over at table 3 every Sunday after services..Such a devout and pious christian.All 300 pounds of her ordering her second slice of peach cobbler.
    And here comes Deacon Johnston.What!!!He wants another basket of rolls?How's his 12 oz ribeye steak and potatos coming along?
    And here comes the Alvaster family.So devout.Only 3 of them and they take up the entire first pew.How's your diabetes, Mrs.Alvaster?
    And lil Josiah,boy you've gotten big.12 years old and weighs more than I do.Praise Jesus and pass some more of that Dutch Apple Pie.
    Maybe if Christians were less concerned about gays using the word "marriage",and more concerned with how much food they shove into their freekin mouths,maybe there wouldn't be such an "obesity problem" in this country.

    How many of you take a car for a trip that would last a hour on foot?And make a pitstop at some Burger King drive through along the way?The Mitchels love to eat at my resturant.They drive a whole 3 blocks from their house (instead of walking) whenever they make a reservation.Shouldn't we be putting an obesity tax an all car rides less than a mile that not involving transporting bulky items?

    This is a nation who's idea of excerise is Kinect.

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