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It's kind of funny. This was alright, when other republican candidates were criticizing Romney for being and "Vulture Capitolist," but now the democrats replaying it back isn't okay? That's biting them in the butt. Sorry folks, but I don't think this is even close to "Swift Boat" tactics. And the republicans haven't really even started many negative ads yet. We'll see.
Gingrich and Santorum were desperate candidates trying to use this issue to defeat Romney. Since it was a Republican primary, I am not surprised that the tactic failed. In other words, Republican voters did not "buy" what Gingrich and Santorum were selling regarding the Bain issue.

That being said, this issue could hurt Romney in the general election when more voters cast their ballot for or against Mitt Romney.

Those producing future ads on this topic will have to do a better job than those who worked on the video in this thread. Those who made this ad did a poor job of editing.