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Thread: Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia?

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    Re: Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia?

    Pretty much anywhere in the 1940s would have sucked for someone like me, but both options are pretty bad. The average German had it ok for a time, although under a reign of terror where even your kids could report you to gestapo, then they were bombed to hell from early in the war to the end. I read a book on the siege of Berlin, and it was pretty damn awful. Kids were used to defend the city, there was mass rape (this also happened in Russia) and suicide, Hitler gave the order to destroy Germany.

    Soviet Russia had a brutal prison system that left it undermanned in some areas like engineering when the invasion came. The tactics used to defend the motherland were such that they threw millions of lives away like they were nothing. Even factory workers were pushed beyond their limits in the war effort. I couldn't pick either.

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    Re: Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia?

    Well, I'm Jewish, and since there's a little chance of me surviving in the USSR, as opposed to no chance of me surviving in Nazi Germany, I'd choose the USSR.

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