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Thread: Should US Presidents only serve one term?

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    Re: Should US Presidents only serve one term?

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
    I say keep it as it is. Personally I would like to see term limits for all elected political offices,career politicians are a bad thing. One senator should not be able to have more power than another senator nor should a congressman be allowed to have more power than another congressman. Also to ensure that politicians are not trying to carry any influence from switching offices there should be a mandatory 5 year break in between offices.We should also be allowed to allowed to recall our senators,congress as well as a national recall election for the president.
    I want the Senate to be more aristocratic than the House. Where we can temper the fickleness of the masses without endangering the Republic, we should be able to.
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    Re: Should US Presidents only serve one term?

    max of two terms totally 8 years in plenty enough. The presidents length of term isn't the issue, it's the unlimited length of term of the legislature. When anyone is a senator or congressman for life, they are too dug in, and too far removed from what it is they are there to do. Put real term limits on them, with an amendment so they can not override it (like some state legislatures have done across the country when term limits were voted in by the people).
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