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Thread: 22nd Amendment... unintended consequences?

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    Re: 22nd Amendment... unintended consequences?

    Quote Originally Posted by samsmart View Post
    Actually, I'd rather limit our Presidents to single terms in office. Maybe then they'd have the balls to do what they campaign on.
    I'm not really in favor of term limits to begin with, but if we did a single term, then I'd rather have a single six year term.

    Having said that, it would only be acceptable* to me if Congress had similar limits. Moving a term limit for the President further in the extreme direction would increase the imbalance of power.

    I suspect that part of the reason that Presidents have been unable to get away with more than two terms (barring one), is a couple reasons...

    1) The voters can easier identify a single person as being accountable, and are more prone to actually do so. There does seem to be more critical thought and debate put into who the "top person" is, and less into Congressional offices.
    2) The President is not the one bringing home the "pork" to their state/district, which ties back into #1.

    *- Key word: acceptable

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    Re: 22nd Amendment... unintended consequences?

    Quote Originally Posted by digsbe View Post
    I'm fine with having a presidential election every 2 years if it means we have shorter terms for bad presidents. We have midterms anyway so I don't see it as adding much more of a burden on people.
    except, of course, you'd have one continuous, never ending political campaign. we almost have that now, but with two year terms we'd have debates beginning the month after the election.
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    Re: 22nd Amendment... unintended consequences?

    Quote Originally Posted by RabidAlpaca View Post
    Why? I can't name one president since then that would've been worth keeping around longer than 8 years. Leaders who get too comfortable for too long tend to become tyrants.
    That's true and you will get argument from me.

    There were a few that should NOT have been there for 8 years and if it had not been for the 22d Amemdment would have been gone after four.

    Also, there has been at least one Presient gone after four years that was replaced by a light weight vice the real adult that chose not to run, but to wait four years, because of the 22d Amendment.
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