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Thread: Romney representing the GOP accurately?

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    Re: Romney representing the GOP accurately?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quag View Post
    Or in other words hes a politician
    A dirty 18th century politician with no regard of the people, IMO, no compassion.

    We, the American people , deserve better.

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    Re: Romney representing the GOP accurately?

    Quote Originally Posted by R. Shackleferd View Post
    I would not consider removing rules or "deregulating" from financial institutions that exist and operate within the state and all of it's additional regulations a form of deregulation. Especially when the institution is created by a "regulation" and especially when that "regulation" aims to reward/bailout the so called "deregulated" thing.
    Well you are obviously more fond than I am of bailing out banks too big to fail that deregulation created.

    Cool, let's tax cut the middle class as well then. They'll have more money to spend on what the suppliers have to sell.
    The Democrats did cut the taxes for the middle class, Romney proposes ending that and giving even bigger tax cuts to the rich, which do not benefit the middle class.

    Thanks, but no thanks!

    And while I would have rather we went with a public option for health care, I prefer Obamacare to the Idon'tcare by Romney.
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