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Thread: Stay at home dads.

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    Re: Stay at home dads.

    Quote Originally Posted by stsburns View Post
    To OP:

    This is nothing more than a product of feminism movement. Men have become so passive that they don't defend their women anymore, some feel the need to standout like girls, I know many cave to whatever manipulative command his girl says, some have become so spineless that they let their girl control their whole life. One of my friends on Facebook is always ooing and ahing over cars most men find "girly." It reminds me of all of the feminine products marketed to males. As a result, we have some females that 'in all sense' act like males. No offense to women, cause I love all of you, I don't think they were really built for the job to be masculine. I'm not saying that you can't, just it's not for most girls. This is one of the many things that make me want to leave this country.
    So what if it is a product of feminism?

    ...and talk about control issues. I am sure that the Taliban have some wives for you. See ya.
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    I have pooped in public, even in public neighborhoods.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lursa View Post
    I'm sexist and hypocritical, lol:

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    Re: Stay at home dads.

    Quote Originally Posted by sawyerloggingon View Post
    According to you men should feel free to wear dresses and high heels, what's the difference it's just clothes.
    Well, what's the difference if it's not just clothes?
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