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  • Black on white crime isn't as important to the media.

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  • Equal attention is given to black on white racist attacks.

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  • It's racist to ask this question.

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Thread: Do people not care about Black on White Crime?

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    Re: Do people not care about Black on White Crime?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vincent View Post
    Teens set kid on fire for being 'white boy' - New York Daily News

    'Beat Whitey Night': Racism suspected in Iowa State Fair attacks |

    Report: Black Mobs Attack Whites Outside Wisconsin State Fair | Video |

    So, after the whole Trayvon media mess, and this current spate of killings of Tulsa where they're saying it was a white guy in a white pickup truck, we all know any white crimes committed against blacks will get huge media time for racism. But how come the reverse does not apply? It seems to me that crimes with black perps and white victims doesn't get nearly the media time. Such as these stories I've linked to, they seem plenty awful and racist to boot, but didn't get 10% the media time Travyon is getting. So my poll--in your opinions, does the media and the USA in general not care about black on white crime as much as white on black?

    Along with the point of George Zimmerman--who looks hispanic to anyone with eyes--now being called a 'White Hispanic' since he has a white parent. Shouldn't President Obama be a 'White African American' by that standard?

    That, and interesting article. Federal Statistics of black on white violence, with links and mathematical extrapolation formulas. - Lafayette Political Buzz |
    I'm ignoring the race-crime-thing because I've discussed it heavily in other threads and don't feel I need to repeat myself here on any of that.

    But this issue of 'determining what race you are' - is so offensive to me. My sons are mixed - they're white and native american . . . they can choose to embrace whatever they want - or nothing at all. It's not for anyone else to decide because it's their life and no one else's. One 'looks' more native american and the other doesn't . . . so this whole 'mixed race - what are you and under what criteria - let's all decide for you' is so pathetic and offensive.

    We're so obcessed with rigid broad definitions of race in this nation - it's archaic and immature. To consider my sons who are of the same two parents to be remotely different races is laughable.
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    Re: Do people not care about Black on White Crime?

    Yeah the media cares a lot more about black on white crime. See OJ in the case of MJ well it really was black on white crime......
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