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Thread: Should prostitution be legal and not just for medical reasons?

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    Re: Should prostitution be legal and not just for medical reasons?

    Quote Originally Posted by Justice For All View Post
    You really think illegal prostitutes and illegal Pimps are paying their share of taxes like everyone else? The only ones who do so are the brothels in Nevada. Escorts and illegal hookers don't do this at all.

    Really why don't you show me those studies because I don't believe a word you say about the illegal prostitutes not passing STD's along. If it's the brothels then yes that's probably the case sense they are required to use protection and to get STD screenings. Also the bedroom is private the transation in case it was legal would take place in a office just like a brothel.
    This of course was a reply to a post that the whores having the mandated STD testing in a legalized market. I posted an impact statement earlier in the thread that this information was in.
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