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  • The US is the world's most exceptional nation, a beacon of freedom, the good guys and heroes.

    14 20.00%
  • The US an accomplished nation with serious problems and has done a lot of good and a lot of bad.

    54 77.14%
  • The US is an evil empire founded on racism, hegemony, and jingoism.

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Thread: Which best describes your view of the United States?

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    Re: Which best describes your view of the United States?

    Quote Originally Posted by PrometheusBound View Post
    Use logic and you will realize what lies we were taught. The North American Indians weren't the first people here, the South American Indians were.
    I read this and went... do you know how ethnic migration works? I'll give you a tip. In order for a group to migrate successfully from one environment to another, it first has to establish subsistence in the area. Inuit-like cultures were well on there way before people set foot in South America.
    Peace is a lie. There is only Passion. Through Passion I gain Strength. Through Strength I gain Power. Through Power I gain Victory. Through Victory my chains are Broken. The Force shall free me.

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    Re: Which best describes your view of the United States?

    Somewhre between the 2nd and 3rd choice. Its true that America has many great freedoms. We have many serious problems as well. A growing corrupt government, where corporations are considered people. Where corporations and profits are more important than people. Where Unions are considered evil and a failing justice system. We are also a very nationalistic government and are an empire. We claim "come to our nation we are the best" while we support terrorism and torture and imperialism over seas. All at the same time destroying human rights and building a nice little wall on the southern border. Our civil liberties are slowly being taken away in the name of "protection and terrorism" with a growing police state.

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