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  • I agree that President Obama did the right thing saying Treyvon Martin is how his sond would look.

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  • The President should not have injected race into his statment.

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Thread: Being the right and the wrong race

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    Re: Being the right and the wrong race

    I don't even know how to respond to this ridiculousness, Joko.

    Also, it is possible Zimmerman has been offered protection. If he has, it obviously would be pretty hush-hush because these sorts of things usually are by necessity. But the Florida department of law said they are aware of his whereabouts, even though much of his family isn't, which means it is certainly a possibility and even likely he has been offered protection.

    Obama's statement was inclusive and anti-aggression, as it usually is. There is nothing in his statement implying that Martin is special because he is black, that Zimmerman is especially bad because he is not, or that he is encouraging citizen violence and threats. You have made all of that up in your head.

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    Re: Being the right and the wrong race

    Quote Originally Posted by fyrenza View Post
    Oh, wow.

    I said No.

    The prez shouldn't be commenting on ANY SORT of local criminal matters.

    Doesn't he have a country to run?
    The President of the United States ought to, and has throughout American history commented on local criminal matters. Perhaps you need to be reacquainted with some of your history.
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