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I'm having an argument in another thread regarding republican/conservative attitude of criminal defense attorneys. My generalization (and YES, I acknowledge it is strictly a generalization) is that republicans and/or conservatives generally do not hold a favorable opinion of criminal defense attorneys.

What is your opinion? I realize this is an extremely subjective poll with so many unknown variables, but again, this is strictly a generalization.

Please, for research purposes, I want to ask that democrats/liberals, libertarians, and independents (unless you consider yourself politically conservative) to refrain from voting in this poll.
Everyone does deserve to have adequate defense attorney to try to prove their innocence should they every get accused of something.That said I do fault the attorney should he or she knowingly take a case where he or she knows their client in guilty.As far as I know there is no law that says they have to take every case. I believe that defense should be limited to proving their client's innocence,not trickery, lies, suppression of evidence or exploiting loopholes to knowingly get a guilty person off the hook.