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Thread: Are Social Progrmas "Fascist" ? Poll

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    Are Social Progrmas "Fascist" ? Poll

    Rick Santorum Compares Medicaid, Food Stamps, Other Social Welfare Programs To Fascism (VIDEO)

    the huff might be biased, but it's hard not say this is a bit of a stretch. Comparing veteran's benefits, helping old people, charity work to a government mandated draft to invade your neighbors and total annihilation of all religion and complete martial law under a dictatorship?
    what do you think?

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    Re: Are Social Progrmas "Fascist" ? Poll

    The basis of Fascism is that individuals are weak, but a group that stands together is strong; it's right there in the name. The purpose of social programs within a Fascist State is to make people fit to stand-- strong enough as individuals to play their part in making a strong whole. The social programs that we have right now don't do that. They encourage people to stay weak and to stay divided. They cripple us and break our bonds to one another.

    Social programs in the United States are anti-Fascist.

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