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Thread: Would you vote for this person?

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    Would you vote for this person?

    For just this question lets ignore all the various other reasons that one would vote for a candidate. I know that there are a multitude of reasons to vote for someone or not vote for someone. But I just want to know about this one question.

    Would you vote for someone that asked people to not send anonymous donations because 1: They want a clear money trail so as to prevent contention about how they recieved the money and from who since that always seem to be brought up by opposing sides. 2: They wish to give back any money that is not used for the campaign. (each bit of money would be tracked) If the person indicates they don't want the money back the money could instead be given to a charitable organiztion if it is not used. If they did recieve any anonymous donations they would not use it for the campaign but instead give the money to a charitable organization.
    I have an answer for may not like the answer or it may not satisfy your curiosity..but it will still be an answer. ~ Kal'Stang

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    Re: Would you vote for this person?

    Based on that alone I would have to say no.Now if candidate A candidate B supported the same issues I support but the only difference was that one candidate did what you suggested in the OP then sure I might vote for that candidate.
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