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Thread: Is majority/popular opinion always right?

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    Re: Is majority/popular opinion always right?

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveFagan View Post
    "If a lie is repeated 100 times, it is perceived to be a truth," and the media advertisers pay a lot of money to manage "perceptions."
    Exactly... where were the WMD's again?
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    I have pooped in public, even in public neighborhoods.
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    Usually a gag for wise mouthed insulting little girls. Then some good nylon rope so I can tie them up, toss them in the trunk of my car and forget about them.

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    Re: Is majority/popular opinion always right?

    Quote Originally Posted by radcen View Post
    Is majority/popular opinion always right?

    This question is prompted by various current discussions regarding (in)tolerance, political correctness, specific world views, and so on. A general underlying theme seems to be that "X" is correct because most people say "X" is correct. Now, most people, I think, would deny this and insist on their absolute independence in thought, but that's not necessarily what I observe.

    I guess what I'm getting at is: How often does unpopular opinion or points-of-view prove to be the correct ones in the end?
    Very small minorities suggest or set new directions. Majorities can select between proposed new directions if allowed. However itís a minority of the majority that does the analysis or applies dogma which directs, moves, them into what becomes the majority. An unpopular new direction is only set by a minority doing analysis and changing their position.

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