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I think what should be done is that if a politician is elected, all of their assets should be liquidated, kept in an account and go up or down, depending on metrics, such as median or average wage, GDP, # of laws overturned by the supreme court for unconstitutionality, or whatever metric we can come up with. If they do good, they make a profit, if not, then they do not.
I wouldn't suggest that a politician liquidate their assets just because they were duly elected. That's absurd! But I do believe that:

1) their accounts should be frozen upon assuming office;

2) their accounts should be placed under conservatorship by an independent entity;

3) the maximum amount of annual deposits to their personal accounts should not be greater than twice the amount of their congressional pay;

4) they should sign a statement of public disclosure concerning their annual income allowing their tax returns to be viewed by the public under the FOIA;

You restrict their financial activities in the above manner and they can work with any lobbyist they want, but still be transparent to their constituency and held accountable for their financial misdeeds.