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Thread: Are you a Vet?

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    Re: Are you a Vet?

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    as for whether "I am a vet"... technically? I fit all the definitions; got my little ribbons that say I am. I dunno, though. I just can't shake the deep sense that there is a qualitative difference between me and the real vets, the wwii, korea, and vietnam guys.
    I understand what you're saying, and I too would never consider myself equal to those who faced far more than I did. However, I have no desire to face what they faced. I was willing to. And if the need is great enough, willing to do so even now. But, I would prefer there was never a need for such a sacrifice from anyone ever. God bless all of us and those tocome who never see war or participate in war. ANd God bless and be with those who have to and will have to in future, and may we all carry some of that sadness with us. Give them our thanks, or respect, all the honor we can give, but saddeness that the human condition led to something so vile as war.

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    Re: Are you a Vet?

    I didn't expect excellent insight for the posts to this poll of mine. Thank you all.

    I was drafted, but joined the USAF before the Army or Marines got me. Only when I was at work in Thailand was I at risk. I never had to carry a weapon on duty. I had it very easy compared to those that served in combat or those that were targeted at their posts.
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