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Thread: Sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain

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    Re: Sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain

    Quote Originally Posted by DiAnna View Post
    I think some of you would be surprised by how much actual sexual harassment there is in the workforce, and has been for decades. Most men seem to think it's hogwash, a vehicle for vindictive females to spite co-workers more successful than they. It's not, nor is it widely reported. Most harassers are males in positions of power in the company. Most victims are females who are much lower on the corporate food chain. If harassment is reported, females are usually the ones sent packing... and they don't get a cushy severence package, so these women must have had either a pair of brass-plated ones or were high enough in their careers to make serious waves.

    I doubt any attractive woman who has worked for 10 or 20 years can truthfully say that she has never been the victim of sexual harassment. God knows, I was. It was blatant and non-relenting. I was just a working single mother with two kids to feed and a mortgage I couldn't quite make. He was a partner in the firm. I was absolutely stuck until I was able to quietly find another job, and quit that one. If a sexual harassment claim... or two... was taken seriously enough for a settlement and confidentiality agreement to be reached, I don't doubt that it too was blatant and non-relenting.

    That said, it has nothing to do with Cain's presidential qualifications. He still doesn't have any.
    I agree with so much of what you've said, but I think it's important that the sexual harassment was alleged to have happened in the '90's, a time when there was focus on this issue and clarifications of Section VII and etc.

    I'm not willing to form an opinion on the allegations until more information is provided. Yes, I've experienced sexual harassment myself, and this used to be a commonplace and "okay." But the pendulum swung, attorneys such as Gloria Allred rose to prominence/notoriety, and false accusations have been made before. This is a man's reputation at stake, so I'm waiting to learn more about the charges and those who made them.

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    Re: Sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain

    Quote Originally Posted by nota bene View Post
    No, you are incorrect. Read the headline again. It starts with the word "Source...". The Source claimes not the Washington Times.

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