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If you are poor it is your own fault.

Not in all cases, but in a large number of cases their own actions and choices are a large factor in the reason and potentially the largest factor. There are some cases where circumstance is the largest, or only portoin. I'd say the majority likely fall in the range where its about 60/40 or 70/30 in regards to "individual decisions and choices / circumstance".

The poor should not be able to vote or their vote should count less.

I don't agree with this. However, I think we need a tax system where all brackets are connected so that one group can push to simply tax another group for their own benefit without any issues done to themselves. I also think that everyone should pay some amount of income tax in such a system, so that everyone has it affecting them to some degree.

We should institute a flat tax, remove unions, remove minimum wage, and cut welfare.

Disagree on a Flat Tax. I'm okay with a progressive tax up to a certain point and as I said, if all brackets are connected. I do like the notion of reducing the income tax on everyone significantly while implimenting a flat sales tax on non-food, non-medical items.

I think Unions do have a purpose but I think there needs to be significant look at potential reform as they've expanded beyond that purpose.

I am split on removing the minimum wage, but either way would like the minimum wage to stop being looked at as a mechanism to impliment a "livable" wage. Minimum Wage SHOULDN'T be a wage that is, by itself, comfortably livable.

Abortion is murder.

Its not illegal, so its not murder.

Personally I do think its a human life. That said, I realize that's my is anyone elses view on it in either direciton...and there's no honest and objective way to determine it as its simply a societal decision. If you asked me on a personal level, I'd rather it be illegal, but practically I think if it doesn't become a state issue I'd simply like it reformed to make it doable but much more limited and monitored in scope.

Most universities and institutions of science are liberal leaning because of grant money.

I think that's one of a number of reasons, and putting it primarily on that is wrong. I think academia is generally liberal to a degree anyways, which breeds itself to continue that way as it makes it an unattractive work environment or goal for conservative minded individuals generally. In regards to grant money, I think its less of a purpoesful political bend as much as it is just a side effect of current political thought and focus.

The United States is a Christian nation.

I think the United States in its earliest days could be considered a Christian Nation, in the technical definition of a nation. I would say currently that the United States is a predominantly Christian Nation, in the technical sense of the word, but the percentage of Christians within the population and the percentage of those people whose religion significantly impacts their life, is lower now than in the past when I would simply consider it a Christian Nation through and through.

Now, speaking more in the common vernacular, which I imagine you're, the United States of America isn't a Christian "Nataion" (ie State), but rather a secular one.

The death penalty is an important part of the justice system.

Its a part of the justice system, and a useful part imho, but I'm not sure I'd go important. I think our justice system would work fine without it, though I don't think it works poorly with it.

AGW is not real.

I believe its real. I don't believe its as significant of a deal or as big of an effect by us as its made out to be. I also don't necessarily think its reason to significantly change our lives forcefully or expand government power.

We should not invest in alternative energy but should instead focus on fossil fuels and drilling.

As a government, I'm not sure we should be investing in power all together and if we are I think it should be across the board with both improving proven sources and persuing hypothetical or unproven ones. I don't think we should forgo fossiel fuels and drilling in the name of alternative eneryg, and I think Nuclear Energy should be part of that alternative energy.