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Thread: Disclaimers - what's the purpose?

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    Re: Disclaimers - what's the purpose?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krhazy View Post
    I picked the fourth option. The disclaimers that really get under my skin are for medicines, because they are absolutely useless. Just about every medication has a risk of severe side-effects these days. For disclaimers to be useful at all, they need to include percentages or something. Ideally, though, at least in the case of prescription drugs, I think they should make such disclaimers to the doctor, and then the doctor should be required to actually explain them to the prospective user. If adequately explained, that would seem like a much more reasonable bar against liability than having a vague warning in tiny text on the box.
    Great idea. Give the doctors something more to do because idiots are too damn lazy or too damn stupid to check out warning labels and then everyone bitches about the high cost of medical care.


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    Re: Disclaimers - what's the purpose?

    It seems to me that disclaimers, at their core, were supposed to limit the scope of a product. Meaning, "use this for topical use, not internally". Just because it itches, it doesn't mean you can use our product on it. They disclaim purposes for which the product was never intended.

    Unfortunately, they've morphed into something which limits the users' personal responsibility. "Buyer beware" used to be the rule of the land. Now, it's "Seller beware, your customers may be too stupid to live without supervision." I'm afraid we're exalting the least common denominators to the top of the food chain.
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