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  • Absolutely nothing to fear

    47 44.34%
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Thread: Does the GOP need to fear the 99% Movement?

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    Re: Does the GOP need to fear the 99% Movement?

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    ah. my bad - I assumed you were capable of making the leap.

    Earl's benefits are cut because his access is cut. In two ways: 1. the number of available providers will shrink dramatically and 2. the range of services that remaining providers will be able to afford to provide him with at Medicare reimbursement rates will sink. Earl is going to have to look harder and go to more effort and personal expense in order to get less healthcare. That's why it's a "cut".
    Strictly unproven speculation on your part.

    "Medicare reforms do not reduce Medicare’s guaranteed benefits.

    The Affordable Care Act[i] achieves savings in the Medicare program through a series of payment reforms, service delivery innovations, and increased efforts to reduce fraud, waste, and abuse. The actual projected reduction in Medicare spending is $428 billion over 10 years, after $105 billion in new Medicare spending is taken into consideration.[ii] These projections actually extend the life of the Medicare trust fund by about a decade. It is important to stress that none of the payment reforms affect Medicare's guaranteed benefit packages. The law specifically states that the guaranteed benefits in Medicare Part A and Part B will not be reduced or eliminated as a result of changes to the Medicare program.
    Health Care Reform Does Not Cut Medicare Benefits*||*CMA
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    Re: Does the GOP need to fear the 99% Movement?

    The GOP only has to fear the same thing OWS has to fear: Democratic/liberal takeover.

    Despite what the media says and the signs they choose to show on TV, this is NOT a socialist movement. Not everyone thinks that having money is bad. The general consensus is that those with money shouldn't be influencing politics.

    In the 2008 US elections, the candidate who spent the most money won 94% of the time. These are the people who are deciding your lives, and the best fundraisers are always winning. The political system needs to be fixed, and soon. People want a voice, right now this is the only voice we have.

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    Re: Does the GOP need to fear the 99% Movement?

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    the IPAB has been in the works since 2003? I'm going to need some evidence of that.

    this is what I said - 2014. how did you think Obama "paid for" his healthcare boondoggle of a bill?
    I hope you are enjoying the Philippines

    Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) is a method currently used by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the United States to control spending by Medicare on physician services.[1] Enacted by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 to amend Section 1848(f) of the Social Security Act, the SGR replaced the Medicare Volume Performance Standard (MVPS), which was the previous method that CMS used in an attempt to control costs.[2] Generally, this is a method to ensure that the yearly increase in the expense per Medicare beneficiary does not exceed the growth in GDP.[3] Every year, the CMS sends a report to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, which advises the U.S. Congress on the previous year's total expenditures and the target expenditures. The report also includes a conversion factor that will change the payments for physician services for the next year in order to match the target SGR. If the expenditures for the previous year exceeded the target expenditures, then the conversion factor will decrease payments for the next year. If the expenditures were less than expected, the conversion factor would increase the payments to physicians for the next year. On March 1 of each year, the physician fee schedule is updated accordingly. The implementation of the physician fee schedule update to meet the target SGR can be suspended or adjusted by Congress, as has been done regularly in the past (a doc fix).[4] The estimated SGR for 2010 is -8.8%, and the conversion factor for the physician fee schedule is -21.3%.[2] On December 16, 2010, President Obama signed the Medicare and Medicaid Extenders Act of 2010 into law, delaying the implementation of the SGR until January 1, 2012.[5] The implementation of the conversion factor had previously been delayed until December 1, 2010.[6] Physician groups, including the American Medical Association, lobby for a permanent reform to the SGR so that physician payment rates are not subject to annual cuts (a permanent doc fix).

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