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Thread: Wat's in the news!

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    Re: Wat's in the news!

    Quote Originally Posted by What if...? View Post
    You will note that I said "turning into".

    I focus on propaganda, framing, messaging. Don't care who's doing it.

    That was the "epiphany" that brought me here.

    Attack the "tools" of propagandists THEMSELVES, and leave partisanship out of it to the degree I realistically can, being human and opinionated as I am.

    So in order to avoid hypocrisy, I can't just turn a blind eye when "my" side indulges in these practises.

    Which MSNBC has been doing more and more lately.

    They canned Olbermann and Uygar for this reason. They weren't going along with the "program". Maddow chortles with glee about who is winning the "messaging" wars. They have taken a side, as opposed to presenting an alternative viewpoint. I don't like it, but I HAVE to call it like I see it, NOT pretend I don't see it.

    I don't have a dog in this fight. I advocate an end to dog FIGHTING, if that makes sense. Not by legislation. By rejection of these techniques by their target audiences.
    Well said. There was a brief moment in time where I thoroughly enjoyed Fox News. For years now, though, the "tools" used there aren't any better than what I have long believed evident from CNN (Wolf Blitzer etal).

    Only those who cheer the dripping bias on either side value what they watch. There is very little news. Could it be that there just isn't that much to report? I mean, I don't get much out of CSPAN.
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    Re: Wat's in the news!

    Try overseas news outlets and blogs.

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    Re: Wat's in the news!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveFagan View Post
    Try overseas news outlets and blogs.

    My news.

    Your news.

    Someone who hates me's news.

    Someone who hates you's news.

    And somebody who doesn't care's news. (If that can be found)

    One shouldn't need to filter through that much news to get some accurate idea as to what's actually going on.

    But that's how it is.
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