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Thread: Will Romneycare destroy Romney's electability?

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    Re: Will Romneycare destroy Romney's electability?

    Quote Originally Posted by cpwill View Post
    sure you can - we put poor earners on student loans all the time.
    Okay, tell me how do we do this for people with virtually no incomes and little chance for income sufficient to pay off the loan?

    and why are we paying them welfare?
    Technically we're not paying them welfare directly. It's socializing the cost to everyone else.

    no, because you continue to artificially constrain the choices to "individual mandate" or "encourage free-riding".

    let them pay, but let them pay cash and let them work in a system that actually allows a market to work.

    an example.
    Did you read your own link?

    In general we are a walk-in clinic for routine minor illnesses and injuries
    Basically this will only work for a small segment of the healthcare need. Furthermore "routine minor illnesses and injuries" aren't what is driving up the cost.
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    Re: Will Romneycare destroy Romney's electability?

    Quote Originally Posted by Frolicking Dinosaurs View Post
    I choose no because I believe Romney is electable because his more moderate stances appeals to GOPs for whom the healthcare bill isn't the big issue(jobs are), independents and Democrats disgusted with Obama
    Romneycare is a MAJOR issue. Socialist/communist health care would be one of our greatest national disasters.

    Quote Originally Posted by tessaesque View Post
    It has already been established that a state can mandate auto insurance and the specific requirements of coverage. Applying that to medical insurance (without the mandate) has also been allowed. Creating a mandate for health insurance, then, would be perfectly within the parameter's of a state's powers. Mandating the purchase of a specific product, regardless of the value/need for that product, is not something the federal government has the consitutional authority to do. In that sense, the mandate in Obamacare is hugely different than the mandate in Romneycare.

    I think both programs suck, but there is a huge difference in the validity of O-care v. R-care.
    Both are invalid. Violating the people's right of choice is unconstitutional, period. Government--federal, state or local--has no place in health care.

    The same applies to auto insurance. I know of one state that recently mandated it. It forced everybody's insurance rates UP. As a result, some people could no longer afford it, and they dropped out--the exact opposite of what politicians were claiming--more uninsured drivers. In addition, the extra cost from the mandate is greater than what people would have had to pay for coverage to protect them from uninsured drivers; an insurance agent actually told me that.

    Quote Originally Posted by 1Perry View Post
    I don't know. I'm very reluctant to vote for him because of this reason, and because I don't like his hair. I reserve a judgement today because it may come down to anyone but Obama.
    Vote AGAINST Romney in the PRIMARY.

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesrage View Post
    Romney's liberalism and flip flopping in general will destroy his electability.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kandahar View Post
    No. Because Republicans don't actually have a problem with anything in it, other than the Affordable Care Act has Obama's name on it. The Republicans suddenly discovered they had a principled objection to the individual mandate at precisely the moment Obama included it in the ACA. Up until then, an individual mandate was not only acceptable to Republicans, it was part of GOP orthodoxy. Hell, the individual mandate was the brainchild of the Heritage Foundation. John McCain ran on a very similar health care platform in 2008 (complete with individual mandates and "death panels") and got 47% of the vote including the vast majority of Republicans. It was barely even an issue.

    That says many Republicans are horrible liberals. Vote AGAINST them in the PRIMARIES. Vote FOR SOLID FISCAL CONSERVATIVES.

    I have no doubt that Republicans will get over their *ahem* principled objections to Romneycare and get behind him if he's the nominee. It won't even be that hard for him to pull it off. All he needs to do is what he's already doing: Split some hairs to show how it's marginally different from Obamacare, and maybe start calling his individual mandate by some less-threatening euphemism. And most Republicans will accept that, because I don't think that very many of them actually give a damn about any specific part of the Affordable Care Act or Romneycare.
    Sure, he be better than Obama--the lesser of two evils. Vote against Romney in the primary.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luna Tick View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by sawyerloggingon View Post
    Romney care was a state issue, I have no problem with states doing what they want.
    Individual rights are sacrosanct. The Constitution is supposed to protect them. Government at all levels should never violate them.

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