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I've a feeling you're not as dumb as you are cabbage looking, but I'll play. Unfortunately, if Americans want jobs then maybe we are going to have to take lower paying jobs. When you realise that people in many parts of the world are able to live on less than $1 a day then how is the US supposed to compete when it comes to manufacturing etc? All of our jobs are going overseas and that will be our downfall. As for long hours, for at least a week every month I work 12-15 hours days, but that's okay because I know that if I don't like it then there are 100 people who'll take that job off my hands in a heartbeat. The reason illegals are an issue is because they are willing to work for less with no benefits. What would we as a nation rather have - no jobs - or lower paying jobs with longer hours?
Your post has the ring of common sense and truth. On the other hand, we don't want to return to the sweatshops of the past and if you don't keep management in check, that is what will happen. The pendulum swings both ways and it is swinging back. Charlie Chaplin was blackballed in the USA for making fun of the human factory robot. There is no question it is a slippery slope, as is Global Warming and our Energy trap. All can be mitigated simultaneously with labor and local economic development programs. These programs would hurt the status quo of big money and that is who owns your politicians, so it is not going to happen unless we take our country back from "Big Corporate."