View Poll Results: Do you think socialism could have succeeded if capitalism wasn't standing on the way?

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Thread: Socialism could have succeeded?

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    Re: Socialism could have succeeded?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Chuckles View Post
    I think the biggest blow that came to communism was the soviet union and the control it was able to exercise over communist ideology outside it's state entity. Think of it as a self interested political entity that was able to exercise a level of orthodoxy over what people viewed as communism, and defund, de legitimize, and remove elements that it viewd as subversive to it. In fact, I think one of the big turning moments for the US communist parties (where they lost most of their membership), was in response to Stalin signing his peace pact with Hitler.

    Kind of signaled the end for the movement as an ideal
    I think most people don't realize that pure social systems... e.g. pure capitalism, pure socialism etc. haven't really ever existed and are highly unlikely to ever exist in the future

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    Re: Socialism could have succeeded?

    Eventually, socialism will "rule the day"....within another millennia or so.
    Right now we have a balance, more or less ,with capitalism, conservatism and liberalism...with conservatism being prime.
    This will change as we mature , become more respectful and civil , as a people.

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