View Poll Results: Is human behavior fixed or subject to change?

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Thread: Is human behavior fixed or subject to change?

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    Re: Is human behavior fixed or subject to change?

    Human behavior can change, but it is relationships that change it, not willpower.
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    Re: Is human behavior fixed or subject to change?

    Quote Originally Posted by Councilman View Post
    As people's education grow they change, they also will change with the wisdom of age and experience.
    For the most part I believe this is true. Receiving more and more information definitely can change people. However, certain core characteristics (such as some personality traits) are particularly hard to change. Another example would be parenting styles. Scientists have found that parenting styles are often pasted from one generation to another; the child grows up and does what he knows how to do. Of course, this is not true in all cases and I can think of a few people I know who this is not 100% true for. Again, behavior is affected by so many different factors that it is not likely that a psychologist, even knowing the majority of key characteristics of a person that would contribute to their behaviors, could predict that person's behaviors at 100% accuracy; however, an informed psychologist would likely fair better than an uninformed one (obviously .. ..)

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