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Its very obvious if your not a special interest like yourself....the teaparty since the nov election in several states have attacked state workers and stripped pension and health benes and made them pay more..which is fine except in the same breath they gave HUGE tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest citizens...that is CLASS WARFARE.
The rhetoric from the teaparty has beren that the country is broke because of entitlements...medicare social security...unions..public workers...while every proposal they make is to give tax cuts the wealthiest and corps and take from the working class...its pure class warfare...and stay tuned...it will fail

Dont ask this same question again ok, ...I know your into redundancy but youve asked similar questions many times before...
the tea party gave nothing to anyone. They oppose more government, more taxation and more wasteful spending. and yes some public sector pensions where the employees contribute far far less than similarly situated private sector employees are bloated and wasteful and unfair to the tax payers and more importantly unsustainable