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Thread: Do you prefer Border Control or Amnesty for illegals

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    Re: Do you prefer Border Control or Amnesty for illegals

    Quote Originally Posted by lpast View Post
    Nations do not send their people here...not true, Cuba opened up their mental institutions and prisons and sent them to the USA.
    Which represents a problem with legal immigration for silly political reasons, but this one-time exception to the rule (although the US government just allowed themselves to get screwed in a deal of their own making on that one) doesn't disprove the rule. And it is a rule that nations do not send their people here. Peop[le come here of their own accord.

    I never said Illegals are all lazy...
    I don't recall saying that you did.

    some are the ones that come here with criminal intent and have no intention of ever working and please dont put your head in the sand and try and say there arent illegals coming here with criminal intent.
    They are small minority of the total. So small as to be of little to no import in the discussion. This argument is like saying that criminals use guns illegally, so guns should be illegal. It's nothing more than an appeal to fear, which is invalid logic.

    Illegals having no access to tax money is a bold faced misconception...just in healthcare alone they access BILLIONS upon billions in emergency room costs, those costs are borne by every single american taxpayer, then theres the cost of public education with its free breakfast and free lunch programs that can cost 20 grand per illegal student..
    Then why does every study seem to show the opposite is true? That Illegals cost less than they give?

    And why is it that opponents of amnesty will actually use these same data to show that amnesty is a bad idea because illegals are far less of a drain than citizens and legal residents of similar income levels (thus, granting amnesty would cause them to cost more)?

    The thing is, they do access billions, but they also return billions in sales tax, income tax, and the numerous other taxes that they do pay. They also cannot get tax returns so the ones that pay their income taxes actually pay at a much higher rate than people of similar income levels).

    They cost less than most citizens do and did more to earn their right to be here.

    There are states with utter idiot politicians that are passing laws giving illegals more of our tax money like california giving them free money to go to college.
    I'm all for states deciding what to do with their own money (once it leaves the federal coffers it becomes the state's money to do with as they please). I'm all for state's rights.

    In fact, I believe that residency should be the sole purview of the states and that the federal government usurped state authority with judicial activism in the 1870's in order to make residency a federal issue, despite not having been expressly granted power over residency by the constitution.

    While I have no hatred of illegals whatsoever, I hate that our country is broke, that we have almost 10% of fellow americans out work...that we have the teaparty attacking seniors and the poor and giving illegals a total pass...pisses me needs to stop
    The teaparty types appear to be 100% in favor of the abuse of federal power that is US immigration law. I guess their small government mantra only extends towards issues they hold dear. Many of them also want to make illegals the scapegoat for our economic mess, but the truth is, the best solution to our "illegal problem" is our ****ty economy. immigration, both legal and illegal has been down ever since our economy took a ****. As we sink further into oblivion, they'll keep leaving.

    And then some new scapegoat will be found to blame all of our self-imposed woes on.

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    Re: Do you prefer Border Control or Amnesty for illegals

    There has to be a limit on the amount of people allowed to come into a country. And people should only be allowed in if they can speak the language.

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    Re: Do you prefer Border Control or Amnesty for illegals

    Let em in so they can work and pay taxes. But take away all the government handouts and then we won't be spending more just because more people are here.

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    Re: Do you prefer Border Control or Amnesty for illegals

    I don't like he choices IMO - I thought that border control and amnesty were different from one another in terms of which aspect of illegal immigration they deal with - as in one dealt with our borders, the other dealt with the illegals we had - in thus, there would be many options based on various opinions on the open-ness or lack thereof of the border, and what to do with the illegals whom are caught, etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dillon View Post
    And people should only be allowed in if they can speak the language.
    What about people legally immigrating, whom are trying - and are either struggling or successfully learning the language? W
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    Re: Do you prefer Border Control or Amnesty for illegals

    Neither. I prefer employER sanctions.
    $5000 for hiring an illegal.
    Double for second offense.
    Jail for third.

    They will WALK BACK over the border.

    Cut the border patrol in half.
    Cut USA unemployment.
    Raise actual/effective minimum wage.
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