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Thread: Are you smarter than The Obama?

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    Re: Are you smarter than The Obama?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
    this is a pathetic and stupid lie, as most Liberals believe in Evolution.
    Oh really? Tell me one liberal public policy which is formulated on the principles of evolution. Tell me one public policy which acknowledges the evolutionary principle that there is genetic variation across population groups.

    Liberals wear their belief of evolution as a cloak. They use it to distinguish themselves from the religious. Liberals love to feed their ego, their self-image of being more intelligent and more enlightened and more open to critical reasoning. They mouth the words but the lay liberal doesn't know jack about evolution.

    The engine that drives evolution is difference. Without differences evolutionary principles cease functioning. You can't believe in evolution and simultaneous believe in uniformity. Liberals adhere to the religious view that there is a uniformity of intelligence across all of mankind.

    The liberal position on evolution is a hot mess. There has been no mystical force which put a force field around the human brain and kept it uniform for all of mankind. That's an appeal to a religious position.

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    Re: Are you smarter than The Obama?

    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder View Post
    none of this says anything about blacks from rich families doing poorer on tests that whites from low-income families.

    hence, your claim is clearly a racist lie. otherwise you would have supported it with actual evidence.
    Oops you err again

    --The number of affluent black parents has grown substantially since the 1960s, but their children's test scores still lag far behind those of white children from equally affluent families. Income inequality between blacks and whites appears to play some role in the test score gap, but it is quite small.
    Quote Originally Posted by calamity View Post
    This is a thread about gun control. You want to discuss crime control--start a thread in the appropriate sub forum.

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    Re: Are you smarter than The Obama?

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