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Thread: Which pending deal are you more interested in?

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    Re: Which pending deal are you more interested in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker Case View Post
    The one that ends the NFL lockout or the one that fixes the debt ceiling stuff and why?

    Personally, I'm more excited about the NFL lockout being over because I think a global economic collapse would be slightly less of a disaster than a year without the NFL.

    I'm also just sick to death of the bull**** political maneuvering over the debt ceiling, but that's a secondary thing.
    I'm with you on this one. I am betting the NFL players will reach a deal before the dumb****s in Washington.

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    Re: Which pending deal are you more interested in?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jucon View Post
    I find it shocking that any member of a political forum website care more about the future of a form of entertainment, rather than the financial future of this country.
    I actually think there's little to no chance that there won't be a deal in Washington. I just don't care for the scare tactics each side are using to drum up support from the masses over this. Neither party gives a rat's ass about the long-term, so there is **** al lchance that they'll let everything go to hell in the short-term. Ultimately, they are just trying to get votes in this process by setting it up so that next election cycle they can say "We tried to do X,Y, Z but the people in the other party refused to budge. Do we really need people like that in office?"

    It's all nonsense.

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