View Poll Results: Should a multi-billionaire settle for 2 jets instead of 3, 7 homes instead of 10 etc.

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Thread: Billionaires: free to romp or responsible to fellow citizens?

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    Billionaires: free to romp or responsible to fellow citizens?

    Should a multi-billionaire be forced to settle for 7 homes instead of 10, 2 private jets instead of 3 etc.?

    Hypothetical situation:

    Meet: Billionaire Bush

    He is a billionaire

    Has 20 homes, 3 private jets, sends his 10 children to the very best private and or ivy league schools, has several concubines, runs several companies whose bottom level employees (the vast majority of his employees) make little above minimum wage, lets larges amounts of money sit in his bank account, many of his companies are hurtful to the earth, many of his companies are diversions and failures meant to avoid paying income tax and so on

    oops .. please post to the other one with the same title .. this one doesn't have the poll on it, lol!

    I'm gonna try to put a poll on this one anyway .. don't know how to delete it, lol
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    Re: Billionaires: free to romp or responsible to fellow citizens?

    Hey, cool, my poll has a spin-off. Multibillionaires should be able to spend their money however they want on whatever they can afford.

    Where's the poll?
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    Re: Billionaires: free to romp or responsible to fellow citizens?

    You should be able to spend your money on what ever you want regardless if you are poor, middle class, rich or super-rich. It is not right to try to get the government to steal someone else's money just because you are green with envy.
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