My choice wasn't listed. Though not a "trilogy" the best book ever brought to a screen (tv screen) imo is Lonesome Dove. It had all the tragedies and triumphs, all the psychological thrill a fan could ever want.
I did see the others of course and Star wars I saw at the movies when it first came out. Kinda cheezy. I liked it better when they came out with the next installments. I think the second was the best.
I could watch every Star Trek movie again till me eyes popped
It's time for a new one.
Lord of the Rings wasn't a big thrill cause I never read the books back in the day and by the time the movie came out had already played D&D, Zelda, FF (all of them except 11). I realize I owe Tolkien a debt of gratitude cause it was his books that started all the quest stuff.
So thanks, JR, or JJR, or whomever...